Saturday, January 1, 2011

PlayPen, Free Indie Adventure Game

PlayPen is a must-play Indie adventure game which is created constantly by its own players. What does that mean? That means that your adventure can very quickly lead up the nose of a passer by, where you will dig for treasure and eventually become rich beyond your wildest imaginations. Possibly.

The concept is much better described by, who say:  It's a world created entirely by the players and is constantly expanding as users build it up with their weird and wonderful ideas. There's various routes to take and paths to go down, and each leads to more pixelated scenery and ways to venture. Eventually you'll reach a road which has not yet been created, at which point you'll be given the option to draw it yourself and set the next passages. Then other players will be able to continue their story using your scene.

p0nd, Free Indie Adventure Game

Too few games these days plunge the player into an existential crisis. Part breathing exercise, part black hole of the soul, p0nd made's Top 10 Freeware Experimental games of the year list at number 3, which is pretty high really, so you should probably play it.


Prison Planet, Free Tower Defense Game

If you've ever been concerned that tower defense games just don't make you feel evil enough, then Prison Planet is the Tower Defense game you've been waiting for. Other tower defense games involve fighting off sea birds, or balloons. In Prison Planet, your job is to stop helpless human prisoners from escaping. Is betraying your own species enough evil for you? Yes? Read on.