Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Gods of Portal and Fire | Minecraft Texture Pack Glitch

Tronic is a lovely, minimalistic texture pack that smooths the jagged minecraft world right out. I tried it out in my main Port City (called Port City), but noticed that there was something strange about the brick train station (or minecart station, if you want to be technical about it.) When I drew nearer, it became quite clear what the problem was... my bricks were made of fire and portals!

Enemy 585 Free Online Game Review

Enemy 585 is a free browser game from indie game developer, Nitrome. It earns immediate points for having an interesting and unique premise. Ever what happens to video game enemies once the hero has bested the game? Enemy 585 takes place seven years after the successful completion of a platform style game, when a series of blocks takes pity on Enemy 585, a squat purple creature with a bucket on its head, and decides to help him escape.


Haunt The House Free Online Game Review

Haunt the House is a fun ghost game available on Armor Games. The premise of the story is simple. You are a ghost with a big mansion that you like to keep to yourself, but unfortunately, a few irritating humans (thirty of them, to be precise) have decided to hold a part in your mansion. You mission, as a ghost, or rather, as a poltergeist, is to possess various objects in the house and scare the party goers into running out the front door. Sounds simple enough, right?