Sunday, November 14, 2010

Organ Trail | Free Online Zombie Game

Are you and your family ready for a zombie onslaught? Do you know how to prioritize so that you survive when the brain munching hordes are on the rise? Organ Trail is a game from Many Hats that aims to teach children and adults about the necessary skills to survive a zombie invasion.

I was overcome with glee when I saw the game load, mostly because the graphics look like they were slammed together by someone with a perm and MC Hammer harem pants.


The Company of Myself

Behold the puzzle platformer with soul, The Company of Myself, a game from 2D Array. If you like puzzle games, and often bemoan the lack of genuine story telling in many modern games, you'll fall head over heels in love with The Company of Myself.


Oh The Huge Manatee, A Free Arcade Game

Oh the Huge Manatee comes to us from Dig Your Own Grave games by way of Kongregate. It's a free arcade game in the spirit of many early arcade games like Space Invaders, you pilot a person (if a person can be piloted, which I very much hope they can) who can only survive if an exploding penguin doesn't land on top of them. Make sense so far? Good.