Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Boomlands Castle Conquest Game

A game in which you must rally troops, employ villagers, gather resources, build defenses and generally kill the heck out of your enemy using the powers of forethought and planning, The Boomlands is a charmingly hand illustrated indie game that you should probably play if you care about your own happiness in the slightest.


Haxball, Free Multiplayer Football Game

There aren't many free online sports games and even fewer good ones, but Haxball is a great free, multiplayer online football game (football in the sense of soccer) that actually works. It won't impress you with its graphics, nor will it impress you with its sweeping soundtrack, but it will impress you with its multiplayer online fun.


BlastOff Bunnies | Free Bunny Booting Game

Usually hurling cute bunnies into the air would be grounds for criminal charges, but in 'Blast Off Bunnies', the aim of the game is to shoot cute, pink little rabbits into the air in order to win money, buy upgrades and generally grind your way into bunny legend. A casual game with all the makings of a casual game, Blast Off Bunnies could become your new favorite past time whilst waiting for meetings to start, waiting for appointments to show up and generally waiting for things.