Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Find Yourself In A Room, Free Text Adventure Game

A game that slowly realizes it hates you, and everything you stand for, You Find Yourself In A Room is perhaps the best text adventure game of all time. Even Kanye West couldn't come up with a better text adventure if he tried.

(Okay, Douglas Adams' effort was pretty epic and will probably passed down from generation to generation, long after humanity has ceased to need bodies to survive, but we have digressed so far past the point that the point is now a mere speck in the ionosphere.)


Bat Country, Free Arcade Shooting Game

A helicopter based arcade shooter, Bat Country caught my eye for reasons that are probably obvious to anyone between 30 and 300. Forget your hopes of Fear and Loathing though, there's no fear or loathing here, just giant bats and weird bombs that apparently resist the forces of gravity.


Free Checkers Game, Play Draughts Online

Is it hard for you to find a worthy checkers opponent? Looking for an ice cool machine mind that will challenge you all the way? If that's the case, you really must play this free checkers online game. It has a variable difficulty setting and a computer that will play at a range of skill levels for as long as you want, day in, day out, without telling you to get a life or that checkers isn't a real game anyway.