Friday, December 31, 2010

Rocket Toilet, Free Rocket Physics Game

There have been a myriad of trajectory based games created over the years. I'd name them all but my brain would probably short out at the attempt. I've reviewed several free online types of this game in recent history, including, but not limited to Destructotruck and Blast Off Bunnies, which are both fairly solid additions to the 'shoot things at a certain trajectory and hope that everything works out' genre. Rocket Toilet is probably better than both of them however, for reasons which I will now impart.


Tone Matrix Free Music Making Game

Music can be hard to make in traditional ways. It often requires understanding of notes, keys, stanzas and squiggly lines, and perhaps more confoundedly, a musical instrument, which may not always be easy or possible to come by. Fortunately, the Internet has generated a myriad of ways for people to make music without having the foggiest idea what terms like legato or sombrero mean. This is a good thing.