Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scenic, Free Online Flying Race Game

Scenic, a game from Bobblebrook (a name they dare you to say three times, but which is really, really easy to say three times,) is a game I stumbled upon after reviewing their brain mashing racer Flyde. Whilst playing Flyde, I found myself yearning for something slower paced, something more aesthetically pleasing. Scenic is that that game.


Flyde, Free Online Racing Game

I call this a racing game, but really the only racing that takes place in Flyde, a darling little indie game from Bobblebrook is you racing against your own sadly lacking reflexes.


Knifetank, The Hauntening Free Online Adventure Game

Unlike many other point and click adventure games, which frustrate and confuse you by forcing you into one track solutions that only a mad man would conceive of, Knifetank: The Hauntening mixes this formula up by occasionally killing you unexpectedly. It's like one of those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books, except even less forgiving (and as anyone who has ever read a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book knows, you can pretty much fall off a cliff at any time.


Minecraft Furniture Mod | FancyPack

The problem with Minecraft so far is that once you build your grand palace or stately home, there's very little to put in it. Sure, there are paintings which are part of the base game and which make your walls look a little less bare, and it is possible to create seats by using half stairs and putting signs on the sides, but once you've done that a few times, plus added a couple of grassy dirt blocks with torches on them, your homes begin to take on a very lifeless couch-filled feel.

Get yourself some real Minecraft furniture!