Sunday, December 19, 2010

Carrot Track, Free Orisinal Online Game

Orisinal has a reputation for making games that are more than just games, they're more like moving meditations, little oasis of calm in the pew pew pew of most video games. Carrot Track is no exception to this rule. A game entirely sympathetic to the plight of the common worker bunny, Carrot Track guarantees relaxing online play for the whole family. Even the family you haven't met yet.


Survivosair, Free Online Arcade Game

I know why the dinosaurs became extinct. It's not because of a massive meteor strike per se (though that certainly played a part in their demise,) it's mostly because the dinosaurs lacked the leg power required to waddle around the world and shoot their lasers at the meteors in time to explode them. This alternative Earth theory brought to you by Survivosaur, a free web game.


Pirates Heart Daises Free Tower Defense Game

Pirates Heart Daisies is one of the prettiest and visually appealing free tower defense games available online. Its premise is simple. Pirates freakin' love daisies and they must defend their daisy patch from marauders that come from the sea. Octopi, seagulls, rats and more all want the chance to steal your precious daisies and take them down to Davy Joneses locker.